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The Full Moon of the 2nd brings into sharp focus how much a satisfying, fulfilling home/personal base is important for your emotional well being right now. You thrive when your domestic environment/family dynamic/feng shui etc is harmonious and emotionally congruent; and you are superbly, finely tuned as to how to get this right in early March.

Even if this means addressing any issues going on the better to resolve them; perhaps speaking up more frankly about your feelings vs your usual cryptic style (no offence) or taking some outburst/passionate declaration from a loved one at face value rather than overanalysing it? You’re more onto it than you realize if you keep it real --trust those instincts huh, they’re genius!

And not least because a solid personal foundation supports you, more than ever, to embrace your most inspired vocational plans this month -it’s all about getting the work/life balance right. I mean the New Moon of the 18th in your biz sector is brilliantly activating lucky Jupiter in your work sector and you want to be ready to chase up the auspicious career opportunities of mid March onwards, they’re so promising and unfolding for the rest of the year –it only gets better from here the more you look sharp, with an expansive eye to the future, and get onto it now huh?

And meanwhile, back to your personal life- how about sexy Mars in your sex/intimacy sector from March 18th -mid May: To the extent Saturn is tediously holding you accountable to firm personal boundaries and sober emotional responses for the next few years (and yes it will be worth it for long term commitment and/or healthy emotional autonomy -depending what floats your boat); it’s going to be fun to have some passionate, spontaneous, courageous love action to keep it thrilling for the next few months! Perhaps you light the fire anew with your existing partner, perhaps you charge fearlessly into some hot attraction if single, perhaps you just express your needs and desires more clearly in any situation? It feels good to embrace whatever is coming up here with your best, libidinous authenticity huh?

Image: Elias Hove for Schön Magazine
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