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To the extent the Total Lunar Eclipse of the 1st in your soul sector on the Destiny Point is a profound insight into whatever inner, visionary inspiration is driving you right now; you begin Feb with some crystal clear ideas about your sense of purpose and what you’re hoping to achieve this month. So luckily you also have Venus involved in your work sector for the necessary talent and effective creative process to walk your talk, remain focused upon manifesting your dreams in the real world and you know, make some magic happen in your life…

So by the New Moon Eclipse of the 16th you are ready to hatch some specific, tangible schemes to this end. You have your ruler Mercury on hand to drill down on the fine details-you get to rock that control-freaky spunk of yours and finesse every single little angle of the life plan; which (admit it) you adore! Yes, mid month is pretty satisfying for day job/vocational momentum/organised lifestyle/general health and wellbeing management –the better to feel beautifully on track and ready to embrace the full potential of 2018, actually. Go you!

Especially with Saturn settling into your talent/confidence sector; you are really enjoying getting your head around the actual, persevering creative discipline/work ethic that will, over the next few years, cultivate your core competencies and allow you (ever the neurotic self-critic) to finally, fully accept how damn good you are at what you do-seriously! Yes and maybe even get out there and promote your brilliance in the world a little more determinedly-imagine that for a good time, huh?

Meanwhile Venus in your partnership sector from the 11th is a nice lift for the Virgo love life. You enjoy a sweeter, more attentive vibe from your significant other; which is lovely for some renewed romance between you. Or if single you are the recipient of lots more flirtation/attraction chemistry in the world and maybe someone special to pursue something more with? Especially with Neptune bringing an actual soulmating element to the Mars/Venus mating season of Feb 22nd-26th, late Feb could even be gorgeous true love!

Image: A Dior Beauty story by Nicolas Coulomb & Florence Tétier for Novembre Magazine kt-crowley

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