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Firstly, the Total Lunar Eclipse of Feb 1st is such an energising start to your month: It’s right on the Destiny Point in your income sector; so it’s all about the synergy between deliberate, autonomous earning potential and authentic, self-sufficient (as much as possible) living on your own terms/doing your own thing –and you’re loving how good this feels!

Ok so obviously you may not become independently wealthy overnight here- but you are more likely to sync with your own values/aspirations and whatever schemes are most likely to move you in the right direction with time; and maybe don’t underestimate the power of this?

I mean with lucky Jupiter revving up your confident talent/self expression/creative process and Mars rocking a fierce new work ethic in your day-job sector all month; you really might be pleasantly surprised how much you are driven by the courage of your convictions and successfully bringing your best ambitions to the table right now –this could be so productive and rewarding the more you tune into it…

Meanwhile love? You are presumably getting your head around Saturn settling into your partnership sector, and on top of bitch goddess Lilith. It’s a combo of sober emotional growth/clear emotional boundaries/long term commitment goals in your primary relationships and at the same time the spunky courage to take a risk on the most raw, primal, authentic experience of connection whilst also asserting your uncompromising individuality. It may be challenging, but certainly a powerful energy for healthy, empowering relational dynamics this month.

And the New Moon Eclipse of the 16th is a gorgeous insight into any deeper understanding you are scoring with your current/prospective lovers re this. Its sexy as hell-and fab for some smoking seduction; but also a more subtle, emotionally intelligent intimacy you are enjoying mid month, if romance is your thing. Enjoy!

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