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Welcome to 2018 and welcome to Saturn into your play sector for a while. It may seem a little incongruous to have such an austere, serious planet in your sector of fun, art and self-expression; but of course the opportunity here is a chance to be even better at whatever you’re already good at.

You are learning to hone your innate talent with even more creative discipline than usual, and the kind of exacting focus required here is so up your alley! Could be professionally relevant skills you are working on here, a more precise artistic process for personal satisfaction or just rocking your charismatic self on the social scene with more grounded self-assurance; you love a bit of constructive self-improvement and now is your big chance to be the best you can be in the world…

But of course you don’t allow this to spill over into an unhealthy orgy of unrealistically perfectionist self-criticism huh? Because with Venus on board the whole point is to cultivate a more positive, grounded, healthy self-esteem; a fab headspace which is fully supported from the New Moon of the 17th and only grows in confidence over the next few years. Also because Venus into your work sector from mid-month is excellent for any on-point new years resolutions around manifesting the kind of day-job opportunities that are likely to turn you on in the coming year –nice.

And meanwhile mid-month is also a lovely rebirth for your love life. Yes to a more flirty charisma for a lighter, more fun frisson with your existing lover or any new contenders on the scene.

And this feels like prep for Uranus exiting your intimacy sector from May 2018-where any underlying interpersonal dramas (romantic or otherwise) of the last several years finally relax in intensity, and what a blessed relief that will be.

And btw get ready for some major wanderlust/exciting restlessness from May onwards-maybe some big travel adventure or visionary new life plan could be brewing this year –how fun!

Image: Cristian Girotto

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