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Welcome to 2018 and I think you’re going to like this one-it’s looking so good for you this year…

I mean with lucky Jupiter in your sign till December you are riding a wave of exuberant personal confidence and renewed faith in the process-you are in love with life again and in return life loves you right back! So with your two fave planets- Mars and Pluto energising Jupiter in early Jan you are so all over the most awesome, fierce lust for life and libidinous confidence you’ve felt in a very long time.

Sexy self-assurance to walk around feeling hawt, unstoppable and totally comfortable in your skin right now? Yep, you’ve got it going on!

Especially with the visionary Full Moon in your adventure sector of the 2nd, you have permission to dream big and live large this month. Also because the Destiny Point in your biz sector is supporting you to chase up whatever ambitions are most important to you-and maybe a glimpse into your optimal professional future as you brazenly unleash your vocational genius upon the world? Oh my, this year could be positively game changing for sure.

And love? Well let’s face it, the sheer seductive heat coming off you right now is drawing whoever you’re into like moths to a flame –just how you like it. And the best way to maximise the potential of this is Venus helping you to flirt it up beautifully; maybe fresh, delicious dialogue with your existing lover or out there charming someone new into your orbit for a good time?

Because another big theme of the year is Uranus sparking up your love sector from May. I’m not gonna pretend this feels exactly stable but it is thrilling. Some game-changing new romantic energy could be coming up, perhaps fresh dialogue and emotional oxygen with your current lover, or if single some wildly unexpected new attraction to rock your world? And trusting your romantic instincts-starting now- might just be your new superpower huh?

Image: KIKA MULITZ LIVNO make up by Yvann.jpg

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