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Welcome to 2018 and welcome to Saturn newly in your day job sector, rocking a surprisingly fierce ethic for the next few years. You might be amazed how solid your resolve is becoming about long term success and how readily you can suddenly access the kind of elbow grease required to get you there…

Takmaster Saturn says professional determination, accountability, perseverance and finesse is your new superpower-and you might as well embrace it, because in any case it’s futile to resist the tug of renewed Leo ambition calling your name right now!

Especially because a big theme of 2018 is Uranus in your biz sector from May; a once in a lifetime transit likely to knock your socks off with crazy unexpected/innovative /game changing career prospects for some years to come. You, my friend, are about to re-invent yourself beyond your wildest dreams…

So to this end the New Moon of the 17th is super inspiring; it’s in your work sector and with Venus to help you bring your best, dazzlingly talented, creative game to the table and with whatever shameless self-promotion or (admit it) charismatic charm/flirt offensive is going to help get you noticed. You’re a natural at this, of course, so it looks like mid month is going to be brilliantly promising and well worth any positive intent & effort on your part.

Meanwhile, Venus into your love sector from the 18th turns your romantic radar on for a more exciting love life in the second half of January. And yeah sure, this could bring all manner of new attractions and enthusiastic potential new lovers coming at you like moths to the flame of your undeniable charisma.

But it’s worth noting that Venus on the south node of old karma by the end of the month points to a special connection with someone you already know. Of course if already partnered you honour and renew the existing chemistry between you –or if single/on the prowl maybe someone from your past turns up, to turn you on again, and maybe something more to re-kindle and cultivate?

Image: 2014

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