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Welcome to 2018 and the Cancer Full Moon of Jan 2nd is a fab starting point, to align yourself emotionally with your best, crystal clear intentions for the year ahead. It’s all about that famous emotional congruence & spookily on point instincts of yours to guide you forward.

So with Venus in your partnership sector all over this Moon and Saturn newly in your partnership sector AND the New Moon in your partnership sector of the 17th even more Venusian/love ruled: you guessed it, a big theme unfolding right now is the quality of your relationships…

You are really getting your head around accountability, stability, commitment issues and longevity in your most important interpersonal connections. Yes this is focused primarily around romantic love issues (it’s Cancer mating season for sure); but really anyone significant in your life on any level is about to show their integrity (or not) and require that you step up in return, and you’re totally ready to do so to the extent the connection merits it -this could be so rewarding!

Ok meanwhile you are so excited that taskmaster Saturn has finally vacated your day-job sector. You’ve earned your stripes with whatever grinding work ethic you’ve been banging away at recently and finally seeing successful results OR perhaps over the frustrating lack of motivation re some boring gig and ready to ditch it: and one way or the other a whole bunch of stressful shizz feels suddenly way less imperative- such a relief!

Because lucky Jupiter with the Destiny Point in your talent sector is such an incredible blast of positive, renewed confidence at doing whatever you’re good at in the world. You’re ready to really enjoy the shiny creative expression that confirms your innate talent and rock some shameless self-promotion in the world-so good.

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