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2018 is here, it's looking good and the January scopes are up to get us ready for this most liberating New Year...

We have Saturn out of Sagittarius to release whatever wanderlust and autonomous, rebellious, free spirited lust for life we may have been repressing over the last few years. There might be a few of us spreading our wings and living large again -perhaps with a more solid sense of personal sovereignty and joy de vivre then ever!

Because Saturn newly in Capricorn is a deeply honest sense of personal integrity and respectful accountability for our actions, to help us move forward with fabulously clear intentions this year. Not to mention the most on-point biz savvy and grounded pragmatism; because we don't mind the elbow grease and personal discipline required to make our dreams come true-we thrive on it! Not to mention to the Destiny Point and Ceres helping us to nourish and cultivate our wildest dreams-because they're worth it!

So the Mars/Jupiter action of early Jan is the fierce optimism to get all this on, the Venusian Full Moon of the 2nd is the emotional congruence to do it authentically and the (also Venus ruled) New Moon of the 17th is the strategic planning and creative inspiration to manifest our coolest plans for the coming year...

And to the extent our personal lives are looking so rewarding right now; I will finish with an inspiring quote about our collective vibe for 2018 -let's be the best we can be for one another and our collective well-being this year huh, it; feels so timely and possible right now:

"Man's mind is agitated. His anger flares up easily and the civilization which he has built and of which he is proud, is crumbling beneath the burden of its own weight. A new civilization is to be built based on something which is greater, nobler by far than mere secular socialism. This new civilization must be built in a new...'religion for reverence for all life'. All life must be regarded as sacred. We must stop all killing."

(I can only find Spirited Butterfly as a credit for this quote -gratitude for whoever wrote this as it resonates so beautifully right now)

Happy 2018 -read more for your sign here x

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