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Image: Helmut Newton

As Saturn prepares to get out of Sagittarius by Dec 20th, we are all getting ready to reclaim our wildling, libertarian mojo and what better preparation than Venus into Sag from Dec 2nd-26th- because the feminine principle of Venus really claims her wild, Artemesian, wilderness, untamed I am woman hear me roar aspect in Sagittarius!

Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be Free. And not just a little bit rebellious within the confines of the broader, oppressive societal/family/relational dictates but actual no-compromise, captain of her own destiny, riding into the sunset, unbridled autonomy. And this means taking no shizz from any lingering patriarchal (or whatever) crap that seeks to dominate her wildling female spirit. We are all feeling more fiercely independent in our freedom loving bones right now, huh?

Image: Neil Krug

Ok so meanwhile Venus rules love, and in Sag we love as freely as possible with maximum, adventurous romantic courage. Venus always visits Sag after a period of exploring her darker, more intense propensities in Scorpio; the better to gutsily own our deeper needs and expectations and then pursue a more liberated and honest romantic vibe based on that.

We honour our lovers/potential lovers by respecting their personal space and emotional liberty, because whilst ok, Sagittarius energy can be pretty commitment phobic it's more that Sag desire thrives (and can actually be quite passionately devoted) when there's room to do it on their own terms, sans to much restrictive expectation.

Image: Rose Huntington Whitely by Rankin Qvest magazine

Watch out-if we're going to be doing romance this month it better be real, emotionally honest, positively challenging and genuinely exciting! And helpfully, by the time Mars hits Scorpio from Dec 10th there will be next level chemistry between the lovers out there to help bring any romantic frisson to rewarding, sexy fruition...

And Venus rules beauty, fashion and style. We are all about boho glamour and the kind of easy gypsy style that can carry us through the outdoor lifestyle/pagan nature worship/rock & roll fun//cowgirl antics that come with Sag energy.

Tribal/jangly jewellery, a sunkissed glow, unrestrictive clothes we can actually move in, rockstar edginess, a laize fair attitude to revealing our fitness-toned bods (lol) and a natural, easy flair are all trademark Sag looks.

Image: Glen Luchford, model Eniko Mihalik

And our perfume is some exotic scented oil or the scent of bonfire ash still lingering in our wild untamed hair after some festival/the salty smell of the ocean after swimming-that kind of thing.

And Sag loves nothing more than charging around in this morning's yoga/gym clothes all day cos we love to exercise this month and too busy living our freewheeling lifestyle to go home and get changed between workouts. when Venus is in fitness-freak Sag-yes it is ok to be all about athleisure!

And Venus rules creativity and artistic self-expression, and in Sag we plug into lots of diverse global/cultural influences -or inspiration from our last travel bender in our work. And certainly an open mind to new, expansive ideas informing our creative process and a bit of gut instinct about how we express ourselves without worrying too much about what anyone else thinks. And maybe even a desire to influence the politico/cultural landscape for the better with a healthy, rebellious disdain for the dominant paradigm could be our creative contribution this month?

Image: Wo'dabe man in ceremonial costume, Niger, West Africa.

Happy Venus in Sag-this could be fun!

Image: Ellen Von Unwerth

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