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Well how good is difficult Saturn finally out of your sex/intimacy sector by the 20th and love goddess replacing him from the 2nd and sexy Mars in your partnership sector from the 10th: OMG your deeper interpersonal dynamics are finally going to lighten up and be energised, pleasurable and be fun again!

I mean Saturn has effectively been overhauling your whole love life for the past 5 years; and you can rightly take stock and be proud of any hard won emotional maturity, romantic patience, commitment skills and healthy independence etc you have achieved in this time. To the degree that you now know more about what you want/don’t want/respectful relating, you are really going to enjoy the love action of December.

Mars brings the raw moxy to chase up anyone you are keen on right now/notice anyone chasing gorgeous you (yes they’re more likely to) with healthy confidence. And Venus helps you to finesse your seductive wiles for a more rewarding physical, romantic and emotional connection. And Jupiter helps to keep it all honest, adventurous and expansively positive.

Whether you are deepening an existing relationship or on the prowl for new thrills/prospective partnership/loving the open-ended freedom of single life December could really open you up to new possibilities with fresh optimism-especially from the New Moon of the 18th. How fab.

And meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 4th in your income sector provides some cool instincts about how to hustle some cash/monetise any hard work you’ve been doing with Mars energising your day-job sector recently. Venus wants to lush you up with fab new biz prospects/clients/an employer who wants to pay you what you’re worth; and it’s up to you to embrace these opportunities with those genius negotiating skills of yours, huh? Oh my, December really is your time to thrive my friend, best go for it!

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