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New Moon in Scorpio, exact 10.42pm November 18th, AEDT -this is a transformative one!

New Moons are always a fresh rush of emotional energy and personal possibility, and in Scorpio we dig that much deeper to come up with the raw potential for some truly gutsy, genuine renewal in our lives...

Scorpio emotional capacity is potent. We want to feel things as intensely and for real as possible, the better to feel truly alive; and if that means facing down & processing any shadow material we don't duck the challenge- we turn up and own our stuff! And I tell you what, with the wounded healer Chiron in easy aspect to this Moon and lucky Jupiter/lovely Venus also conjunct in Scorpio: this really could be a beautiful, rare opportunity to find our bliss within a more fiercely courageous and honest attitude to our wounding, as well as our healthy needs and desires -and how to best fulfil them with a gorgeous, unapologetic lust for life. The truth really can set us free!

Yes this goes for our interpersonal dynamics (Scorpio is all about intimate entanglement-sexual/emotional/financial whatever); and also our healthy, holistic relationship with self. Let's tune in and really connect with whatever and whoever truly matters right now, huh? Because shiny, brave new beginnings arise from the ashes of old misunderstandings/denial etc if we do... it's time to thrive in all our complex glory. Happy Phoenix Moon x

Image: the wonderful Alexandra Valenti

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