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Full Moon in Taurus 4.22pm November 4th, AEDT.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotion has been brewing this month - and in Taurus it's going to come up with kinaesthetic, tangible insistence. In other words the more subtly we tune into our physical body the more our emotional body can speak to us, because the two are connected even more than usual right now. We feel our passions, thrills, joy, sadness, anger, love etc most powerfully through our physical vitality (or lack of), physical appetites and the subtle aches and pains/healing potential of this with which the body tells us where we are storing any unacknowledged emotion; the better to be present for ourselves and our emotional truth -this is brilliant!

Especially with magical Neptune on board, the insights coming up for us right now are almost shamanic in their clarity. We tune in, hold space for our body and soul to integrate their wisdom, the better to move forward with renewed self-awareness and emotional congruence...

And then it must be said that expansive Jupiter -newly in Scorpio and full of (let's face it) greedy Scorpio appetites is all over this Full Moon in pleasure loving Taurus; what could possibly go wrong??

Image: Helmut Newton

Because Jupiter loves excess, isn't great at boundaries and Taurus can be a guts-so we do watch any tendencies to binge/overindulge this week huh? Not least because overconsumption (especially if addictive) can be a form of emotional repression and denial; and as I said we're much better off remaining grounded and zen-like in our commitment to feeling our feelings in all their powerful, vulnerable glory -and luckily Taurus energy is also great at this!

And yes, lucky Jupiter is also a fab opportunity to embrace a fully positive, expansive attitude to our healthy emotional needs, desires and plans and make them happen in the world, via good old Taurus pragmatism and savvy manifesting magic.

So yeah -it's one of those Moons we keep as high-end as possible, because yes we CAN thrive with life-affirming wellbeing and abundance right now if we keep it real. Happy Full Moon x

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