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Gosh, with taskmaster Saturn preparing to get the fuq out of your biz sector in December (finally!) and restless Jupiter newly in your adventure sector-could you be busting to break out of routine and bust a move on something new already?

Maybe a well deserved holiday over the festive season, to replenish your energies for the year ahead? Or a cool, visionary new life plan to turn you on? Or Saturn delivers some biz venture you’ve been working on in recent years; which you get to embrace with refreshed fervour for the professional freedom that’s in it?

Either way you are newly inspired by life in all it’s infinite potential –especially around the New Moon of the 18th -with a whole year ahead to explore the subsequent possibilities, which is such a beautiful thing!

Meanwhile Mars lusting up your sex/intimacy sector all month is pretty hot! You are more likely to

  1. Enjoy renewed passion with your lover this month-you get to seduce one another all over again and re-discover what brought you together in the first place.

  2. Or if there’s been some fiery argument/power trip brewing between you, you get to address this this more clearly and courageously; again the better to clear the air for renewed intimacy or set some clearer boundaries for assertive problem solving between you as time goes on.

  3. If single/on the prowl your seductive prowess is brilliant –your chances of meeting someone spunky, and capacity to hit on them successfully for promising connection is through the roof.

  4. Or if single, maybe someone hot comes along and seduces you when you’re not looking, for unexpected thrills?

And love or not, it’s a great time to hold your own in any financial/biz negotiations, with healthy, assertive self-confidence for fab results.

Image: Pauline Grossen

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