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So lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector has opened you up to next-level confidence in the Aries love life this last year, huh? As in you have been reminded of just how magnificently generous of spirit you can be, with that passionate nature of yours, and how much better the quality of romantic action you attract when you do this?

So with Jupiter now rocking your actual sex/intimacy sector, from October 11th you get down to the nitty-gritty of really opening up to a even deeper level of emotional trust; if already in love you fully embrace it unconditionally, and if single perhaps you leap in with an open-hearted enthusiasm, sans expectation, if someone exciting turns up, which they’re that much more likely to do right now…

Not least because love goddess Venus into your partnership sector from the 15th is just in time for your annual love New Moon on the 20th –courage little lover it’s Aries mating season and a fresh new romantic energy is your chance to flex your best romantic adventurousness for sure! Ooh la la enjoy this huh?

And meanwhile the Aries Full Moon of the 6th has a Mars/Venus hook up in your work sector to also polish up your interpersonal skills on the vocational front and lucrative Pluto in your biz sector. Yes there’s plenty of motivation to get your professional schmoozing/networking right –and some cool new job opportunity/wheeling and dealing biz scenario could be on the cards as a result. Staying sharp and on point with your clearest goals is totally the way forward here, yes?

Image: Vogue China March 2015 | Tian Yi by Jem Mitchell

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