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So Mercury officially stations direct today, 9.30pm Sept 4th AEST. So the retrograde is over - and we can all skip forward free and easy already?? Yeah ..... no. Not quite yet!

Image: Alex Prager, the big valley

The trickiest part of the retrograde is over the next few days-the so-called the 'storm phase' between backwards and forward motion; primo time for hectic misunderstandings/confused communication/tech gadget fuqery/botched contracts etc.

So yes this is great for stepping way back and taking a deep breath; the better to re-evaluate and finesse the strategy -remain calm and avoid the temptation to prod some volatile dialogue out of pent-up frustration and generally keep our shizz together at the same time as nimbly juggling multiple possibilities! But 'signing off' on anything big/firm commitments, dramatic gestures not so much... let's wait until Mercury finds a more savvy momentum in Virgo, from Sept 10th for all that...

I mean with Saturn newly direct on top of Lilith we have some brilliant plans, biz schemes and empowering stances in our life all ready to go-and yes we honour this; just a few more days until we action this for optimum results huh?

Image: Alexandra tomlinson by Jacques Olivar for Marie Claire Italia april 2012

Happy Mercury direct, we're nearly there...

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