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The Full Moon of the 6th is a bit of a cracker, and a nice start to the month as follows:

The Moon in your love/partnership sector, conjunct the healer Chiron for some powerful emotional authenticity/radical vulnerability/re-connection for any key relationships on your radar. This is a great opportunity to really feel whatever’s going on interpersonally with an exquisite sensitivity, the better to reach a more subtle and genuine understanding with your loved ones; not to mention a more honest relationship with yourself, which is lovely.

Mars into Virgo from the 6th is a rush of raw, kinaesthetic energy to power you through the next 6 weeks; with a more brave, audacious, ambitious attitude for a good time and to get ahead with any schemes your busy little brain has been hatching lately…

So luckily, your ruler Mercury forward from the 6th is just in time to salvage any loose ends from that recent retrograde; and bring your plans swiftly up to scratch with that natural finesse/exacting eye for detail of yours. And just time to join Mars in your sign from the 11th, with the shiny, spunky confidence that comes from having your shizz well and truly together –yes you’re in fine form and loving it!

And then the New Moon of the 20th –linking the healer Chiron in your love sector with sparky/explosive Uranus in your sex/intimacy sector –woah baby, it’s time for a constructively liberating new approach to your love life asap. And Jupiter on board means you get to do it with maximum personal freedom, and busy hustling some decent coin from what you do (thank you lucrative Pluto in your talent sector) whilst you’re at it. Yep, you’re into it this month for sure x

Image: Giselle Bundchen

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