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September is coming, and the scopes are up.

There's still plenty of Leo season action: Mars coming off meeting the Destiny Point, with fresh resolve to fight for our right to live with spunky authentically and Venus/Mercury in Leo to keep up the standards in terms of glamour, confidence and magnificently creative self expression. We aint sitting idly around waiting for anyone to dictate the momentum of this month -we are creating our own reality with beautiful magical realism don't you know!

Much of this magic comes from mystical Neptune on the Full Moon of the 6th, where we embrace a more subtle and imaginative approach to life, the better to move forward with as much emotional congruence/creative potential as possible. And by the New Moon of the 20th we have the healer Chiron on board, for even more focus on gentle self-development and well-being. We make peace with ourselves and love with one another, not war or forcing things with unnecessary aggro (yes Im talking to you stoopid warmongers on the cultural/politico landscape!).

And we have optimistic, expansive, rebellious Jupiter opposite maverick firebrand Uranus all month -so what a great opportunity to innovate our lives and really play with fresh possibilities of abundance and personal freedom right now!

Happy September x

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