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There’s just no getting around the brilliance that is lucky Jupiter in your sign in league with sparky Uranus in your love/partnership sector all month…

To the extent that you are currently rocking a beautifully inclusive personal confidence–meaning that you embrace exactly who you are with a healthy, holistic, unapologetic self-acceptance, not just cherry-picking your ‘nice’ qualities and denying the rest, as Librans are sometimes wont to do? You’re strutting around feeling pretty damn good, and nicely comfortable in your skin right now.

Good, and all the better to come at any key peeps in your life with the same radical, unconditional acceptance of exactly who they are-sans tedious judgement/control-freakery from either side. Which allows such a fabulous, joyful, liberating new perspective on your relationships this month! This applies to all your connections; and yes including your love life being more open-minded and open to sparky, spontaneous, unexpected (?) chemistry that could, honestly, open the door to untold/crazy but thrilling new romantic possibilities as time goes on…

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 6th is a subtle, genius new perspective on the Libra day-job. You’re thrilled if you’re doing something creatively/spiritually fulfilling with your time right now, and early September continues to guide you forward on this with beautiful, natural intuition on your part… And if you’re not so keen on any naff professional obligations; you get to slither away and explore more inspiring pastures/creative possibilities with such smooth/under the radar manoeuvring- you could be well focused on some cool, promising new thing by the end of the month for sure. Especially by the New Moon of the 20th, you are tuned into an inner source of guidance that is almost shamanic in it’s power to transform your life –well done you!

Image: Magdalena Lutek

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