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You do realize that Saturn/Lilith in your soul sector are currently seeding so many fierce new resolutions about your spiritual purpose, shamanic power to self-create your reality and integrity of emotional self-care right? And you do realize that all this comes together with ferocious self-determination when Saturn hits your sign from this December, right?

In other words any internal work you are doing right now is preparing you for the brilliant chapter of self actualization and wordly success that it is your ruling planet, Saturn, empowered in your sign from Dec 2017-Jan 2021. Get ready baby, big things are-coming!

Meanwhile, Venus in your sex/intimacy/money sector this month is bit of instant gratification for a good time –especially mid month; including financial negotiations vibing abundant, creatively fulfilling and some potentially promising long term biz prospects coming up.

And yes, also a sweeter version of your most significant personal connections. Whether you’re on the prowl and looking to chat up some cute new contender, or already hooked up/partnered; Venus lends you the charm, seductive prowess and romantic finesse to keep it lovely and oh-so promising…

I mean do watch the Full Moon of the 6th, where some pretty crazy misunderstandings could go down, especially if you’re allowing your own thinking to be at all sketchy? This is classic astro for either low-down delusional/dishonest crap or beautifully inspired, heightened intuition on your part that leads to the kind of sparkling communication that creates a beautiful, mutual emotional understanding with the special peeps in your life. And then the New Moon of the 20th pulls this together, with clarity about some sense of a visionary life plan that you can really start to get excited about!

Image: via vandaljewels, unable to find original source for this image.

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