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Leo season hits full throttle with the Leo New Moon now upon us, exact 4.30am August 22nd, AEST.

And not just a New Moon but a flow blown Solar Eclipse, and the second Eclipse in row following the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago. So the magic in the air; that very Aquarian capacity to imagine new possibilities and that very Leonine capacity to creatively manifest them is palpable right now!

New Moons are always an opportunity for fresh emotional perspective: and this one is brash, creative, talented, sexy, positive, radiant with golden confidence and pregnant with possibility! In so many ways it's all about what we do with the raw creative energy available here... it's us to to channel it into something genuinely productive and focus on what really, truly turns us on for some life-affirming thrills...

Because not only is this Moon Leo powered, but also right on top of the magical Destiny Point! The future is calling us right now, and so much clarity about our optimum life path/career direction/long term love life is available to us, should be choose to tune in- with genuine, heart/solar-plexus based emotional intelligence-and listen/observe the signs that are everywhere around us right now...

And this Moon also involves inventive/maverick Uranus in Aries with Lilith/Saturn in renegade Sag for even more audacious/visionary confidence, the better to awaken to our fullest potential and embrace it right now!

Whilst keeping in mind that Mercury retrograde until September 7th; so for the moment we scheme/dream/create with with bold brushstrokes, and perhaps by mid-September we are more prepared to finesse the details/sign on the dotted line for any specific decisions/developments we have on the go...

And yes, yes some people come over all apocalyptic/paranoid about Eclipses like this, because the energy is so powerful -but really, it's just an invitation to take responsibility for maintaining a positive, intentional, inspired, loving state of mind as a conduit for the energy flowing through us right now... and how wonderful is that, for some awesome personal and collective growth!

Happy New Moon x

Image 1: Neil Krug photography

Image 2: Kacie Tomita Photography

(unable to find original source for other images)

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