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Image: The wonderful Serpentfire Tarot

Full Moon in Aquarius/partial Lunar Eclipse coming up, exact 4..11am August 8th, AEST.

So Full Moons tend to be a rising up of whatever emotional material that has been fomenting all month; and in Aquarius we tend toward a cool, detached analysis of these feelings rather than getting too down and dirty actually feeling them. Which on the one hand can be genius for taking a deep breath, stepping back and seeking to understand ourselves/each other, for maximum self-awareness, integrity of expression as we move through this lunation...

But on the other hand we want to watch that we don't just disassociate, firewall ourselves off from our emotional body and robotically go through the motions here. Eclipses are supposed to awaken us to a clearer, more authentic perspective; so frozen denial not so much huh?

And anyway, we have Mars opposite the Moon/on top of the Sun which brings the kinaesthetic fact of whatever passions we're packing right up; so pretty damn impossible to ignore actually; which is probably a good thing! We're driven by our most primal, fiery instincts and appetites; and the more we come to terms with the reality of that the more energised we are, with the most fabulous vitality to draw upon. And again, the more we deny or disconnect from our basic desires and ambitions the more lethargic and fatigued we feel right now. Savvy? Authentic connection to our deepest driving force with conscious integrity is the everything right now!

It looks something like this:

Image: Rider Waite Strength card

And this Eclipse also engages the Pluto/Jupiter square, which again is a call to the personal freedom that comes from gutsy facing off our shadow/digging deep for our deepest strengths with full integrity. It's a great time to have our shizz together, keep it real and thrive, yes? Let's do it...

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