August 5, 2017


 Mighty Pluto is now squaring off with lucky Jupiter; and together they're going to power much of the astrological momentum throughout August, so I guess we better get our heads around this dynamic already...


Jupiter is our wildling,exuberant lust for freedom and unencumbered, expansive, visionary possibilities in life. it's where we fly free and constantly seek new horizons; so we really don't appreciate restriction/rules/heavy shizz wherever we're trying to get our groove on, when Jupiter is in play...

And Jupiter is also the eternal philosopher; we want to live a meaningful life -even if that meaning is to remain joyful, open to possibilities and embrace personal growth no matter what... 


 So unchecked Jupiter can be an undisciplined brat and look like this: 

 Or a beautiful exuberance, and living fully like this: 

And then Pluto is where we dig deep, and come to terms with our most primal potency in life. Yes it can trigger power-trippy, control freaky, dark-side passions and tendencies in our relationships -and things can get ugly real fast if we go down that road -so yeah no let's not.

What we are looking for with Pluto is personal responsibility and the deeply integral internal locus of power that comes with that -so rewarding! It's all about the growth that comes with personal transformation... we face down those demons that have been bugging us all this time (cos they're gonna come up now, for sure) and slay them!

 And then we can face down our most awesome potential/unapologetic personal power and seize it with the fearless integrity it deserves; without any tedious old self-doubt/self destructive tendencies...


 ...So unchecked Pluto can be indulging our darkest, unconscious shizz and look like this: 

 Or, preferably dignified self-awareness/self-mastery and look like this: 

So, when these two heavyweight planets get together, and moderate each other's extremes; what do we have? An awesome capacity for freewheeling autonomy and open ended possibilities; based on owning our own shizz, taking responsibility for being the best that we can be on our own terms, walking our talk and genuine personal growth... that's what! 

It's a sexy, honest, shamanic, creative, ambitious, potentially lucrative wake up call to live like we mean it. Let's do this...






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