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The Full Moon (partial Eclipse) in your biz sector of the 8th lined up with lucky Jupiter in your income sector and transformative Pluto in your vision sector is a pretty fab start to the month! You pull out the existing life/work plan, rework it with fresh eyes and make a bold, expansive plan for maximum personal and financial freedom.

Yes August looks like fun, especially if you’re ready to embrace big picture possibilities. Taurus is not traditionally noted for adventurous risk-taking –having to be pried from the old comfort zone kicking and screaming apparently; but I have found that when you do decide to seize some new experience you do it wholeheartedly and with the joyful thrill of saying a great big YES to life (I love this about you guys) and it’s exactly this quality that sees you thriving this month…

And the best way to pull this off is pay attention to Mars in your home sector. The more you get clear about the ideal home scenario, and healthfully assert a more effective, satisfying domestic/familial paradigm –the more you have the ideal foundation from which to spring forth and take the world by storm. Especially by the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd you’ll be so ready to get the work/life balance right, the better to thrive at home and in the world. Something nice to work toward, huh?

And meanwhile you have taskmaster Saturn with Bitch Lilith in your intimacy/cash sector for a good time. Saturn is about laying down some solid ground rules in any sexual/financial entanglements –both of which involve a certain amount of (potential) vulnerability and so you feel the need to keep it real/protect your sanity and personal/emotional security. Yes true, but is it savvy relational/biz instincts playing out here or a bit of self-protective control-freakery hmmm?

And Lilith adds the perspective that all you have to do is hold your own with quiet, fierce self-respect and whoever you’re dealing with either meets you as an equal –with their own self-respect and therefore respects you right back, in which case you have a solid basis to move forward with the connection. Or if not, you withdraw your energy, set and forget some healthy boundaries and move on? This could actually fire up your love life with an exciting new passion you know. And/or a healthy new biz partnership/ wealth creation/$ negotiation to turn you on…

Image: Dande Maestre

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