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The month begins with Venus into your secret soul-sector, so you may initially feel like you’re heading into a more introverted month, sans too much love action? Well yes to an extent it’s about healthy relationship with self first; and subsequently any romance does have to be pretty soul-matey/spiritually authentic to really turn you on. But mainly it’s all about the the Full Moon Eclipse of the 8th in your love sector-this is a doozy:

First of all it harnesses all the moxy of Mars in Leo (from now until early September), so let’s talk about that. You’re walking around in full, brazen spunk like a boss –you love this of course! Your personal confidence is firmly set to internal locus of power in that you take responsibility for your own brilliance and how best to work it in the world, without worrying too much about what anyone thinks; and the quiet, smouldering charisma that comes from this is course intoxicating to your 'fan club', I mean the rest of the word, ha.

So they’re all coming at you like moths to a flame, which has got to be good for your romantic mojo of course. But also Mars makes you the hungry hunter in your love life. You’re on the prowl and not scared to chase up any attractions with that famous, passionate seduction prowess of yours. You’re not questioning or overthinking your sexual antennae/romantic instincts this month so much as acting on them, with savvy, subtle, sexy self-assurance. Ooh la la.

And with the Destiny Point on board here you’re acutely aware of the deeper, most promising long-term potential of any connections happening right now; but with the South Node of old karma in your partnership sector it’s most likely someone already on the scene/an established connection or at least someone you feel a spooky, prior affinity who could be your best bet right now? And lucky Jupiter says your best asset is also clear, expansive, transparent communication! If you really care about someone special, nothing wrong with speaking up huh?

And love or no, the New Moon Eclipse is rocking a fire trine between your creative, adventure and personal accomplishment sectors. Your free spirited, liberated, unapologetic self-expression/chasing your dreams groove is so hitting its stride by late August. And then Venus into Leo from the 27th, for even more beauty, charm, talent and creative drive to keep you powering into September –excellent!

Image: Tippi Hendren

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