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So the pertinent question for August might be; are you ready to transform the Gemini love life or lock down and seek to maintain the status quo? I know the answer is obvious, but here’s why:

Saturn in your love sector is all about ground rules and commitment issues, which is ultimately all about self-protection. It could be you or your lover who feels the need to either define things so rigidly in order to guarantee the long term commitment or hold back from to much vulnerability in order to maintain some kind of emotional comfort zone? Or perhaps there’s a deeply abiding, mutual devotion happening naturally-in which case great, and you’re loving it!

Or if single perhaps you are (unconsciously) locked down in that, as some kind of emotionally isolated comfort zone-and time to look at that? Or perhaps you are solid in your own, autonomous groove, which allows you to get on with committing to your chosen path for the moment and you’re loving that?

Either way Lilith on board suggests that when it comes to relationships, it’s the mutual respect of both coming at one another with your own, fierce self-belief and autonomous spunk going on that creates that meeting of equals spark to get a truly sexy attraction happening. Which of course means you’ve got to keep walking your talk –and allowing your lover to do so as well, that allows this thing to grow and thrive in the longer term. And of course Lilith has no problem being single; again if you’re travelling solo and loving the freedom of living free on your own terms –yes the better to hone your own wildling magnificence!

Either way Pluto in your intimacy sector says why not challenge yourself to go beyond existing safety zones in your entanglements? The vulnerability of deepening an existing connection or reaching out to someone new or strutting your stuff single despite societal expectations… they’re all an opportunity for fab emotional growth right now, know what I mean? And Jupiter says romance should be fun! Enjoy the pleasures of love if you can; and anyway you’ve got plenty of creative, fulfilling self-expression/playful good times with friends etc to get your thrills elsewhere either way. August is your time to claim joy/embrace the journey no matter what – believe it!

Image: Belu y Azul de LO mgmt Editorial for Catalogue Magazine

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