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Mars and the Destiny Point in your income sector all month is big –and it’s about more than just money. I mean yes, you do score some fab insights about the most exciting, long-term promising opportunities to earn/hustle some good coin on your own terms this month, which is great. But it’s more about the personal freedom of doing things in your own inimitable way, sticking to your personal values/integrity and feeling like the captain of your own destiny (not to be underestimated) that really turns you on here…

Because Saturn/Lilith in your work sector all month is about grappling with the frustrating restrictions of any tedious professional commitments vs how rewarding a bit of hard slog can be if it’s directed toward a genuinely autonomous vocational outcome. You’re basically over any dead-end gigs, and realizing the only way out is to fiercely claim, and work towards the unique goals that actually matter to you. Doing what you truly love for a living and all that. A bit of confident, unapologetic spunk in the world goes a long way here, of course…

By the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd you’re gonna be so all over this! The line up of Mars/Destiny Point on an Eclipse and wildly innovative Uranus in your biz sector here is so goddamn sexy and self assured; about not only identifying your optimum life/vocational path, but claiming and working madly towards it all guns blazing. You take personal responsibility for creating the life you want and viola, it manifests before your eyes –obviously, right?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 8th in your intimacy sector is telling, for reading any emotional clues in your closest entanglements. It’s all about radical emotional congruence; the capacity for powerful, vulnerable presence with your loved ones and feeling it sans too much detached analysis. (Also savvy instincts in any biz/financial dealings, btw). Many signs would find this quite challenging, but being such a pro as you are at emotional authenticity I’m sure you’ll nail it beautifully.

Note also Pluto stirring up any primal passions, and Venus in your sign right now (you’re gorgeous and you know it) for some potent, hot chemistry with a romantic equal; especially around mid month. An attraction/big love worth exploring? Oh yes!

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