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Mars, the sexy warrior god rules personal confidence, sexual conquest, how we make things happen, assert ourselves and tap into our most primal energy source; and in Leo we do it with nothing less than brazen, magnificent spunk and fearless self assurance. It's the season to be driven by the power of self belief first and foremost without waiting for too much external approval, but of course if we happen to get noticed strutting our stuff then that's great too because, you know, we're all shameless show ponies now and don't mind the spotlight either!

So Mars into Leo from July 20th-September 4th is a nice blast of life affirming authentic self expression, hot-blooded living and having some fun with it, for a good time and maximum personal progress...

So Mars rules ambition and getting ahead in the world. In Leo it's all about raw talent -we figure out what we're good at and commit to the creative process of getting even better at it. Again, if we don't back ourselves, get it right and really believe in what we're doing wholeheartedly how can we get the rest of the world to notice? Because yes, once we've grabbed the confidence to put ourselves/our brilliance out there it's all about shameless, show-off, show pony self promotion! We know the value of looking good on the job/savvy branding of our biz/a bit of professional glamour right now -yes it works under these stars!

And warrior god Mars rules how we deal with any conflict/aggro tendencies going on. It occurred to me, writing this that my last argument had the term passive-aggressive bandied around a lot (don't ask), and that it was in the last few degrees of Mars in Cancer- where emotional defensiveness can become quite pass-agg, but also brought out some nice, Cancerian style conciliatory gestures. So an example of where any pussy-footing around/passive aggression from the last few months of Mars in Cancer needs to be flushed out to make room for the more healthy, growling, honest way of fighting of Mars in Leo.

Think about a cat in a fight -if they're opponent is bigger yes they go hide until the threat has passed (sometimes wise), but if they think they have a valid point/half a leg to stand on they bristle and roar and bare their fangs with unapologetic ferocity. The better to let their opponent show what they're made of too and figure out exactly where you both stand. You've got something to say? Stand by the courage of your convictions, speak up with some real guts and have a good old, honest showdown... which might even result in some renewed mutual respect, and creative solutions if you're lucky? But of course Leo is a sucker for showy displays of superiority just for the sake of ego and we do want to watch that right now... you know, excessive, unhealthy pride comes before a fall and all that. If you're going to make a stand, make sure it's something you can believe in with genuine integrity, obviously...

And Mars rules sexual attraction and libido. Yes we love the thrill of the chase right now-anything to rev up our fiery passion and romantic fireworks- Leo adores a big, thrilling seduction with maximum drama!

But what what we're really after here is delicious physical affection, romantic generosity of spirit and emotional warmth. Leo is the great romantic of the zodiac in so many ways... and loves to be in love! Could be the season for some gorgeously genuine, open-hearted passion with our lovers?

Image: the beautiful, real life love story of Sheila and Khan

Oh yes and Mars rules fitness, and Leo rules the heart -so it could be all about the cardio workout right now to fire us up.

Or maybe just time to have some fun, show off and dance already!

Image: Saturday Night Fever

Let's be brave enough to live large, on our own terms right now and generous and magnanimous with one another whilst we're at it -happy Mars in Leo x

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