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Venus has just shimmied into Gemini, adding a lovely, airy lighter perspective to the steamy/intense/grappling with our passions frisson of Mars/Pluto and Saturn in Sag. So from now until the end of July we get to explore our more playful side.

Venus rules love, relationships, beauty and art, and in Gemini we do it with a lighter, more mutable, cerebral touch. We're not taking things literally right now; we're playing around with future possibilities and delighting in the multi-faceted nature of personal expression and personal interaction.

So let's talk about the Gemini take on love. On one hand the Gemini vibe is a notoriously tricky one. It's all about complex scenarios where we keep-em-guessing, get our thrills from complicated romantic mind-games, drawn-out verbal foreplay, the allure of intriguing emotional ambiguity, will-we-won't-we flirtation and general life-as-a-french-film kind of sophisticated polyamory, sexily unconventional affairs or whatever. And ok, at the low end we can be tempted to indulge in deceptive, head-fuq, convoluted mind games -especially with the power-trippy, tricky Mars/Pluto attraction thing still ebbing away- and we want to watch that like a hawk, obviously.

But on the other hand Gemini gives us the gift of really talking -and not just barking at one another but actually communicating on a more effective, subtle, intelligent, intellectually respectful level in all of our relationships.

We give one another the respect of speaking up, if there's something to be said, and properly listening to what our loved one's have to say in return. This also reminds us that above and beyond the purely physical attraction/raw emo needs in our romantic choices; how lovely it is to enjoy a genuine meeting-of-minds, intellectual compatibility type love affair with someone who really understands us, stimulates our thinking and actually keeps us mentally fascinated as time goes on.

So if you have any pending conversation with your lover, that you feel it's time to explore with a mindful intent to verbally nut out your issues productively, (as opposed to just head-fuqing each other for kicks) this could be just the time!

Or if you're on the hunt, you want to keep an eye out for someone mentally intriguing (especially with Mercury in Virgo, the sign of intelligent, classy flirtation)-as in one minute you're raving on for hours about some shared interest, verbally sparring over the crossword/scrabble/current affairs and the next you're making eyes in full bore, sexy flirtation mode...

This is definitely the season for inspired love letters, intriguingly flirtatious txts (within reason- watch the temptation to vibe too cryptic/weird!), initiating The Talk, resolving any misunderstandings with intelligent dialogue and yes, sparklingly intoxicating flirtatious wiles all the way...

And Venus rules beauty. In Gemini we are nothing if not on effortlessly on trend, fashion wise. Gemini Venus is tuned into the current zeitgeist without even trying, so we love the latest look and incorporate it into our style without thinking too much about it; we're too busy staying cool, light on our feet and dressed to keep moving in our busy lives...

So it's a great time to have a good old cull of our wardrobe re anything that's only there out of habit but we never actually wear, and maybe think about ditching? (warning-maybe keep it in a bag in the garage or something, cos when Venus hits Cancer in a month we might get all sentimental and want to pull out again, lol- but if it survives August then it's definitely off to the op-shop, yes?). Meanwhile, a de-clutter of our stuff clears our fashion mind to just grab/be inspired by whatever's easy, relevant to our current lifestyle -and fun!

Whether it's our clothes, perfume, jewellery, hair etc; let's be chameleon like and play with new possibilities, perhaps more relevant to any new circumstances/biz opportunities/social scene/dating action coming up than just blindly sticking to our 'usual' look?

And Venus rules creativity. Writers/bloggers/professional communicators/IT peeps/teachers/students etc thrive under Venus in Gemini. So-especially if your gig involves words, information, journalism, telecommunication, social media, PR, articulate expression etc- it's time to get sharp and put your genius out there with a savvy eye to connecting with your audience, yes? We want to engage dynamically with the world, one way or the other- OR lock ourselves away, commune with our muse and write/journal/record every shred of inspiration as it comes through, to be expressed at a later date... Intellectual/cerebral stimulation is the new turn on....

Happy Venus in Gemini, let's keep it interesting, intelligent, current and speak up in all areas of life with beautifully conscious intent this month x

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