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So Saturn in your sex/money/shared resources/intimacy sector for the last few years has been feeling a bit restrictive. It’s all about entanglements involving obligatory, accountable commitment/endless patience/paying your debts (or trying radical/isolating independence to avoid the above, which aint much fun either at the end of the day?). And even for a solid, steadfast soul like yourself it’s been a bit much…

So you’re loving Lilith meeting Saturn this month and bringing a bit of spunky, healthy self-determination back into the mix! You assert yourself more clearly in love/family/biz scenarios. And, perhaps more thrillingly, you attract the kind of peeps into your closest orbit who really get and respect who you are/how you do things –and vice versa you dig them for exactly who they are too! So it all flows with unapologetic authenticity/mutual respect on both sides and no unnecessary control freakery to keep it together. Bliss!

And yes, this could mean a partner in crime to spice up your love life with next level, fearless passion? So good. Especially with Venus on board mid-month, the attraction potential is particularly sparky. And by the New Moon of the 23rd it could be shacked up marital bliss/could be chasing some wild adventure together -or both!

The astro of July (especially mid-month) is also handy for hustling enough independent income from doing what you really love on your own terms (thank you lucky Jupiter in your work sector) and savvy enough to work your biz/financial negotiations in the world to serve this purpose. You’re a natural at this, of course.

Especially because it’s all about creating the optimum work/lifestyle balance and funding whatever home life/family/real-estate goals make you feel comfortably grounded and secure right now. Yes you can, and the New Moon of the 23rd is a nice clue about how to make it happen…

Image: Senta Berga

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