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Well how about the Full Moon of the 9th in your independent income/autonomy sector but also activating your sex/intimacy/shared resources sector? You begin the month finessing the subtle balance between personal freedom and cultivating the deeper, more rewarding/passionate/lucrative entanglements in your life…

This is normal for this time of year, Sag love lives often get moving about now –but this month is particularly intense:

The Mars/Pluto opposition here could be spectacular/headfuq power trips revealing themselves (watch out!). But also off the hook attraction chemistry with someone who is thrillingly, terrifyingly, incandescently your equal! You, my friend, could be about to meet your match.

So Mars in your sex sector is, well, horny as hell and on the prowl for the thrill of sexy and emotionally authentic connection. And with Venus in your love sector its fluttery high romance/playful flirtation/easy compatibility/big love affair energy you’re dealing with. If you’re already in love/partnered you lush each other up and make it that much deeper and more meaningful. And if you’re single it’s prime time to go flirt up a storm/draw someone worthwhile into your magnetic orbit. It all starts with a solid, internal sense of your own desirability and integrity about what exactly you’re seeking, of course.

And regardless of whether love is your thing/whatever this is potent astro for profitable biz/creative partnerships, rustling up big coin for whatever you’re up to and hustling serious income based on what you’re good at and also who you know/know how to schmooze –know what I mean?

So Saturn/Lilith in your sign has you determined to keep it real and cultivate the patient work ethic/sustainable biz/partnership settled life. Good. But with the Destiny Point in your adventure sector provoking that globetrotting, wanderlust, rebellious siren song of personal freedom of yours -also valuable. It’s a fine line between towing the line and saying fuq it & charging off into the great unknown, huh? Thus do you balance the ides of July…

Image: Helmut Newton

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