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The month begins with Venus into your sign from the 6th, so that’s always nice for a glowing complexion and renewed sense of personal style, creative expression and sparkling confidence for the month.

Not to mention romantic confidence/attraction allure- you’re gorgeous, up for love and everyone knows it.

Which comes into play when Venus magnetises Saturn/Lilith in your love sector by the 25th, when perhaps your existing partnership comes into a nicer, harmonious sense of steady commitment. Or your relationship is having some control freaky/bitching moments, and you do the work to charm/gently negotiate the situation back into an easier flow? Or you’re so happy to be single/free to do your own thing unencumbered-and maybe go flirt up a storm in the world because, well, you can!

And then we have the Mars Pluto opposition of early July, and especially around the Full Moon of the 9th –it’s all about money and sex! Mars in your income sector is great for working up a storm the better to score a bit of autonomous income on your own terms, and Pluto is either going to be some powerful backer/lucrative biz negotiation to help make things happen. Or some financial power trip/biz politics to challenge your resolve –and you hold your own with fiery determination of course, for some fabulous character building progress.

And a super potent, magnetic sexual attraction more likely to present itself in your life right now. Perhaps an existing connection ready to go into deeper, more emotionally courageous intimacy –which not only fires things up in the bedroom but also more powerful mutual commitment. Or if you’re about to hook up/explore a potential new love interest it’s a firecracker chemistry you’re dealing with for sure! Yes July is looking hot, little lover…

By the New Moon of the 23rd you realize all of the above crystallises into one main imperative–clear communication! Genius/witty/cryptic dialogue is your core competency of course; but also Mars says make it that much more direct, assertive and unambiguous than usual, for optimum results huh?

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