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SAG FULL MOON -NO holding back NOW!

Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact 0.09am June 10th AEST -right on top of the boisterous momentum of Saggy ruler, Jupiter turning direct; so it's time to howl at the moon with our best, wildling exhilaration for sure...

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been building up throughout the month, and in Sag it is the ferocity of our rebellious, freedom loving spirit that we're coming to terms with right now.

Image: Helmut Newton

We wanna run free, go commune with nature in the wilderness, whisper our secrets to the forest/the ocean/an animal friend, hit the open road and feel the wind in our hair, rebel against the system, protest some injustice in the world, find a partner in crime to go break some (romantic?) rules with and generally assert our uncompromising independence. Yes we're idealistic and no we're not putting up with bourgeois crap anymore. So there!

So that's exciting. But ok, there are a few other influences to consider here as well:

This Moon is smack bang in the middle of Saturn and Lilith. Saturn values rules, hard work, personal discipline and the responsibility of 'fitting in' with the status quo of current circumstances. But Lilith-whilst also big on personal responsibility and integrity -relishes nothing more than breaking as many rules as possible with fully maverick, outlaw attitude, and of course Sag loves this!

Not to mention change god Pluto on board for some lustful readiness for gutsy personal transformation/seizing our internal locus of power no matter what, and no matter how dramatic the consequences of holding our own in the world may be-we're up for it!

The tension between keeping our shizz together/towing the line in order to get ahead on steady, pragmatic terms or saying fuq it, smashing it up and charging toward the nearest escape route for fresh, liberated new perspective is tangible right now.

Either way it comes down to the power of personal integrity. If we're gonna walk our talk it's gotta be with authentic, solid values and no lazy compromise. We follow the beat of our own drum -yes- with primal, instinctual determination; but we do it for real and don't duck the consequences of living our truth. Oh mama this Moon is calling us on our shizz, huh? But this is good! We're going to come out of this with more fierce, life-affirming authenticity than ever and stronger for it.

"But to live outside the law you must be honest... I know you always say that you agree" (Bob Dylan, Absolutely Sweet Marie)

And then Earth Mother Ceres on board says it has to be a nurturing experience or what's the point? As in we nourish our bodies intelligently right now the better to keep powering on in full force, obviously. And also we're not just in destructo mode to any tired old paradigms in our life just for the sake of it; we're intelligently nurturing new, more authentic possibilities in life, love, relationships, emotional well-being, biz for genuinely solid, positive outcomes. Let's really look after ourselves and one another with genuine care right now, huh?

Image: Alexandra Spencer

Let's go smash out some powerful personal freedom and with honourable, loving intent -Happy Sag Full Moon little wildlings x

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