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Image: Salvador Dali -a Mars in Cancer native- being a fabulous weirdo!

Mars just into Cancer, from now until July 20th, and the warrior god Mars in the watery, intuitive sign of Cancer is ok, an odd match in a sense.

Mars tends to power forward impulsively but Cancer likes to scuttle sideways whilst checking out the terrain with a strategic eye first; so we might have to adjust to a more lateral, seemingly kooky but actually very savvy approach to things for a while...

So now we are highly strategic: we feign cool indifference whilst we're silently, subtly scheming the next move (almost like a martial art), the better that when we do strike it's with swift, sharp precision -because we've prepared like a pro and we can-so there!

Because Cancer is highly intuitive; even more than careful planning it's about trusting our instincts on a basic, gut level that lends us potency right now. We're not so much thinking as feeling our way forward and what does this mean? You guessed it -gutsy emotional congruence no matter what; we don't analyse or duck our primal urges, we act on them with authentic intent! The better to keep every move we make for the next 6 weeks as self aware, efficient and emotionally honest as possible...

But fuqing around with emotional denial and repressed needs? Not so much-we just can't be bothered, to be honest.

And the other great thing about Cancer Mars is that it's tenacious! Once we've fixed upon a workable goal or plan, we lock onto it with those crab claws of ours and damn well don't give up until we see tangible success. Gritty determination for the next 6 weeks -Oh yes.

Oh and that's another thing-to the extent that Mars is about worldly ambition, Cancer does tend to focus on financial outcomes -in Cancer we love a bit of coin! So this is prime time to monetise our biz/career plans with savvy acumen, if that's what matters to us right now. And especially if whatever turns us on/motivates us professionally right now is creative -Cancer Mars adores a creative process and loves to figure out how to monetise things and thrive doing it -you gotta love that.

And Mars rules sex. In Cancer we do it on home turf-even better if there's yummy comfort food involved-for maximum cosy enjoyment. And more importantly we do it with someone that matters, Cancer is not so much about random hookups/casual dalliance as ongoing, emotionally nurturing intimacy to turn us right now.

And Mars rules physical strength, exercise and fitness. Cancer seems to have an affinity with weight training, so pumping iron/the weights section of a gym could be a new thing to explore? But more importantly the famous Cancerian tenacity is our best asset right now; we stick with whatever workout plan works for us with steady persistence-no matter what- and the results will appear with time.

Happy Mars in Cancer; let's go forth with slow-burning determination, emotional congruence and playful, creative manifestation-let's have some fun with this!

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