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Your patron planet, Mercury, into your biz sector from the 8th is fab for finessing the life/vocational plan with renewed pizzaz. Clever strategies are zinging around and even more than usual you are all over the details/a precise, savvy professional attitude with that keen intelligence of yours. Not to mention holding your own with subtle, sharply articulate communication skills in any negotiations/job interviews/self promotional schmooze going on in your vocational/public life right now. You’ve got this!

And lucky Jupiter forward in your income sector from the 9th –mid October is so good for embracing a more can-do, positive and lucrative attitude to monetising your various schemes. It’s all down to brazen self worth – if you know what you’re good at you’re not scared to be adequately compensated for your time and energy. But you’re not so much chasing big bucks as personal freedom; as in the flexibility to do what you love on your own terms is the real wealth here, and worth hustling for. You know it! The Full Moon of the 10th is great for intuitively nailing the work/life balance to this end.

And loquacious Mercury also features heavily in the Mars/Venus romantic action of June. If you’re on the prowl it’s all about your best flirtatious wiles-for a sign often associated with ‘virginal’ restraint you are a sexy dark horse (admit it). Yes you are picky about your love interests (good) but when you do come on it’s with intoxicating, classy spunk that’s damn hard to resist! So yes, you’re out there knocking em dead, and Uranus in your seduction sector means the results could be nothing if not surprising-prepare for the unexpected?

And if you’re already loved up the focus is on effective communication. You make the effort to delight one another anew with the playful repartee/mental spark that brought you together in the first place. And also if it’s time for an us chat, or bonding by scheming next level life-plans together, it’s a great time to verbally connect and spark up renewed chemistry/future possibilities right now.

And the Destiny Point into your soul sector? Shamanic self-mastery/beautiful spiritual growth coming up & an important part of your journey this next 18 months…

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