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New Moon in Gemini. exact 5.44am May 26th, AEST.

New Moons are always a sense of renewal, and in Gemini our refreshed perspective is sparky, playful and emotionally lucid. A lovely lightness of being is one of the perks of Gemini energy, and we embrace it!

I mean with Venus squaring Pluto this week is all kinds of romantic intensity, volcanically revealing convos and brooding attractions- which is hot and all and yes, enormously promising for certain authentic connections to really take off...

But it can feel a bit heavy if we're not careful...

So a bit of Gemini levity is most welcome here. It helps to keep the emotional frisson and dialogue that is bound to be coming up this week more flowing, articulate and coherent. And helps us to not take things so darn seriously-even with such deep feelings involved; and able to handle any tricky ambiguity still floating around, even amongst certain passionate declarations coming up...

And this Moon also involves the goddess of nurture Ceres, so a wonderful time for a heightened instincts around well-being and self-care. We get that our busy minds and fluxy scenarios are best served by maintaining a healthy bod. Intelligent habits around a clean, nourishing diet, adequate sleep and sufficient exercise help to ground any nervous Gemini energy; the better to cultivate positive thinking and living well to keep us on our toes and moving forward.

Happy New Moon x

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