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Feel that primal throb in the air, the blood rising in your loins, the urge to sink your fangs into something meaningful, passionate, powerful & transformative as soon as possible? Yep, that's the Full Moon in Scorpio coming up 7.42am May 11th, AEST.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been dealing with in the previous month and in Scorpio the emo is DEEP-especially with with Scorpio's ancient ruler, Pluto on board! Whatever we're feeling right now we don't duck the experience, we own it with courageous ferocity...

We don't deny our most basic needs and desires, we seek to integrate them into our everyday life; with the savvy discrimination to embrace our healthy appetites with joyous abandon for sure but also slay any toxic old obsessive/compulsive urges with elegant self-mastery, if we're wise.

Ok so this is possibly the most volatile moon of the year for personal, intimate entanglements. Our more superficial/dysfunctional liaisons may implode out of boredom/general lack of interest -or any unspoken shizz re recently repressed resentment/frustration/thwarted desire will likely come up with inconvenient intensity -so let's watch that.

But our deeper, more heartfelt connections also fire up with such authentic, promising, mutual desire/attraction/willingness to take emotional/sexual connection to the next level -ooh la la if it's real it's set to explode, ready or not! Let's love/seduce/commit to the lovers that really matter with some proper animal intensity huh: Scorpio Full Moon comes but once a year so let's grab it whilst we can?

And this Moon is also linked in to the Destiny Point (North Node) switching into Leo; a fiery seizing of our ultimate, magnificent personal potential for sure. We bravely follow the beat of our own drum right now-cos it feels SO good...

Happy Scorpio Moon x

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