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Well sexy Mars in your sex/intimacy/money sector from April 22nd-June 5th has got to be a firecracker for your libidinous lust for life, right?

This is where you get laid better/seduce your lover with more heartfelt passion/go on the prowl with even more growl than usual if seeking someone new with extra-special confidence. I mean you’re always a formidable love machine, and May just hones your romantic focus with that much more finesse. Watch out Mr/Mrs Scorpio, watch out dating scene, watch out world; a Scorp who knows exactly what they want (that’s you) is an awesome force of nature for sure!

Or whether or not you’re not into the romance thing, Lilith & Saturn in your personal security/values sector aint fussed. You are so comfortable in your own skin and busy living on your own terms right now –strutting around in your power, looking fine, scheming your dreams and not giving the proverbial fuq who knows it is your natural state and boy are you owning it this month -oh yes.

Particularly when it comes to chasing up certain lucrative coin/biz ventures on your radar. Fierce Lilith in your earning sector/creative charmer Venus in your work sector/ambitious Mars in your shared resources sector all month is an awesome combination to get ahead and nail the success-machine reputation you’re currently busting to achieve...

Because the Destiny Point hits your ambition sector just in time for the Scorpio Full Moon of the 11th –a once every 9 years chance to embrace your biggest, most brazen dreams and believe that yes you can reach your highest vocational potential-and active for the next 18 months! A renewed phase of positive, unapologetic ambition? You’re looking at it from May onward!

Then the New Moon of the 26th is a nice, fresh attitude to all of this. Your locus of power is firmly internal with a nice self-awareness from which to reach out and make the necessary connection/negotiations to effectively move forward in the world; you’ve got this, baby…

Image; the wonderful Holly Wilmeth, 'albino boa constrictor'

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