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Well the Destiny Point in your biz sector these last 9 months has been fun and all-what with tirelessly working your guts out to achieve those big vocational goals for what seems like forever by now…

You’ve felt so close to your optimum vocational/life potential and more prepared than ever to do whatever it takes to get there –and yes you have been spectacularly on track the whole time- so WHY does it still feel so fuqing difficult and elusive???

That would be Saturn on your case since Dec 2014, doing the whole character-building, personal discipline, overcoming obstacles trip. It’s like your favourite personal trainer you love to hate, because that millionth, excruciating sit-up will get you the abs you desire/the spiritual guru who will call you on all your ego shizz until you take responsibility/the teacher/mentor who drags you over the same coals until you get it right… you get the picture.

Actually this disciplinarian voice is inside you; you’re more determined than you even realize to achieve self-mastery/success machine personal excellence right now and every challenge you’ve called in to get you there is helping you nail it! Yes, think about that for a good time… ps, Saturn is still on your case till December so stay sharp -you still have much to achieve, it’s worth it and the grind aint quite over yet…

So the Destiny Point into your vision sector from May 10th is a nice relief in the meantime. You get a better handle on any travel/personal freedom plans you’ve been working toward all this time & this restores your faith for sure.

Meanwhile, Mars in your partnership sector & Venus in your romance sector is brilliant for the Sag love life-its mating season! Someone hot chases your spunky self (why wouldn’t they?)/an existing connection fires way the hell up/you’re on the prowl and your seductive charms pay off… you’re on heat and a passionate month is totally coming up!

And the New Moon of the 26th is nice clarification about any longer term potential re whoever you may be besotted with by then/genius new love strategies or doing your own thing unashamedly if that’s what turns you on…either way you own it.

Image: via Alexandra Spencer, and 4th and Bleeker

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