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MAY is here & we're ready to FLY FREE -let's GO!

May is upon us and the scopes are up.

We have Venus completing her lengthy tour of Aries with a whole new, fiery ferocity to do love, romance, art, beauty, talent and biz on our own terms and wth as much creative confidence, shameless self promotion and (with Saturn involved) gritty determination as possible.

And Mars in Gemini suggesting that light on our feet, multi-tasking, savvy flexibility to negotiate each day as it comes with an open mind to possibilities is the best way forward...

And the Scorpio Full Moon of the 11th is a sexy, instinctual rush of emotional empowerment to follow our passions no matter what; and nail any personal transformation we have to address along the way, the better to get there...

And the Gemini New Moon of the 26th, opposite Lilith, is a bitching call to personal authenticity- which we use to optimise/evolve our key relationships rather than sabotage them, yes?

Let's go grab May and dance free with endless possibilities in our lives right now x

More detail, and monthly horoscope for your sign here.

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