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Well to the extent that the Destiny Point in your soul sector these last 9 months has been a bit of an introverted, solo tuning into your soul path/personal vision/shamanic wisdom kinda groove; for a people-person such as yourself you’re gonna love the Destiny Point popping into your social sector from May 10th! You’re back in the world doing that glittering socialite/sparking up the scene/community involvement thing you do so well; this is welcome oxygen to spark up your networking/conversational genius for sure…

Yes and Jupiter in your sign is also boosting your confidence about being out there in the world on your own terms. You’re charging around in free-spirit mode, taking a risk on your own, brazen optimism, sweet talking Lady-Luck to treat you nice and inspiring everyone else in the process. How Fun.

But Jupiter is also retrograde so you don’t want to go forcing any hare-brained schemes too aggressively- you enlist Saturn in your ideas sector to keep it real & pragmatic until Jupiter gets moving in early June, and you’ll be ready to really cut loose on any grand plans that could well make a lot more sense by then.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 11th is chance to keep an eye on the Libra budget. Emotional/impulse spending/splurging on pretty trinkets is sorely tempting here-so best keep an eye on that. But you may also be onto some keen instincts about a more authentic income stream that serves your personal life –working to live rather than living to work, which could be worth looking at?

Not to mention a cool new authenticity, mid-month, re any intimate/biz entanglements in your life; which could set you free to relate more effectively in your most important connections…

Because love goddess Venus, your ruler in your love sector all month is a fab for inviting a more rewarding romantic paradigm in; whether this is nailing a new vision with an existing love or hunting for someone new on new, more open minded terms? Keep this up and by early June, as Venus hits game changer Uranus you will feel so liberated and free to love/seduce/commit/forgive/release old baggage –whatever turns you on- for a clearer relational perspective… well done in advance.

Image: Toronto designer Matthew Gallagher puts us in the mood for spring with a retro-inspired lookbook | FASHION magazine

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