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Mars freshly in your sign (from April 22nd-June 5th) is a fab blast of firepower to get you through May for sure. You have endless energy, motivation and passion to burn; so what are you gonna do with about it?

Well Mars opposite bitch Lilith in your love/partnership sector gets you going for a start –your loved ones are arcing up like crazy, but only because they want a more primal, authentic version of connection and (luckily) you’re totally up for that…

Early May is all about a meeting of equals type chemistry in your love life, and this turns you on for sure! Any romantic passion you are currently enjoying reaches peak, sexy potential. And any challenging frisson/arguments/competitive vibe with certain attractions/entanglements have a chance to be aired more openly, the better to get on with whatever it is you’re meant to be doing with one another?

And then the Full Moon of the 11th is a cool tuning into your best instinctual wisdom on the day-job/various professional opportunities… especially the extent to which you manage any financial/political power trips around this with a genius internal locus of power (thank you Pluto) and those innate, savvy communication skills of yours. Not least of which is the Destiny Point into your ideas sector from the 10th and mystical Neptune/Chiron rocking your biz acumen/instincts all month. Brilliant career negotiations throughout May? You nail it baby!

Meanwhile, Venus in your friends sector all month fires up that social butterfly charisma of yours. You flit around looking gorgeous and charming everyone in sight –which is of course your natural stare so you’re feeling superbly tuned into your tribe/the scene, which you love.

Then the Gemini New Moon of the 26th confirms your comfortability in your own skin beautifully. By the end of month you know exactly who you are, how to express this in the world and who exactly gets this, for optimum connection. Some nice insight right there, for sure…


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