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Venus finally direct in your biz sector all May, after teasing you with possibilities these last few months; could be a realization (or at least more coherent plan) of certain career schemes you’ve had your eye on for a while now…

Particularly as Mars in your soul sector all month could have you tucked away in reclusive, hermit, shamanic/witchy personal development mode; keeping to yourself and scheming your next move quietly & carefully (which is very cool) –and feeling its not time to force anything in the world just yet?

Yes, but Lilith/Saturn in your day-job sector grounding visionary Uranus/Venus in your biz sector really want to bust a move in early May; so there is an urge to express your vocational genius rising up ready or not, and best find some kind of healthy/productive outlet for this?

Because by the time Mars hits your sign in early June you will be busting to launch yourself upon the world with so much more confident momentum –and May is all about cultivating your best professional moxy, in the meantime, to be ready to go full throttle success-machine by then.

Preparation for the ides of June; by madly scheming your next venture with a quiet, low-key, dark horse, they’ll-never-see-me-coming-but I’ll-knock-em-dead-when-I-do-attitude this month? Excellent!

And the Full Moon of the 11th is a nice creative breakthrough, re whatever talent you’re currently finessing re this.

Not to mention sparking up some kind of truly emotionally authentic, romantically promising scenario if you’re up for it? Pluto in your love sector wants to dig deep and feel whatever connection you’ve got going on/playing with more deeply –or a hotter/more excitingly challenging contender turning up if you’re on the prowl; and mid-month could present some kind of revealing, rewarding unguarded moment with someone special? Nice.

Image: Alfred Cheney Johnston

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