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Image: Mantra by Devany Wolfe

Full Moon in Libra 5.05pm, April 11th AEST. So where Full Moons tend to bring up any emo that's been brewing recently -in Libra it's to do with romance, relationships generally, art, biz and beauty, and boy has this stuff been simmering away lately or what!

We have Venus -Libra's patron planet midway through an extensive tour of Aries; Libra's opposite sign and all about bolshie autonomy &hurry the fuq up instant gratification in defiance of Libra's preferred harmonious, shmoozy- relating modus operandi. And in highly sensitive Pisces for April- so our need for Venusian, pleasurable satisfaction becomes even more oceanic, intense and insistent.

But Venus retrograde till April 16th AND firmly square taskmaster Saturn all month requires a highly disciplined, measured approach to interpersonal boundaries/biz negotiations/creative process in defiance of impetuous Aries just do it bravado. Not to mention Mercury newly retrograde scrambling comms/techie details/intimate conversations if we let it...

We're SO ready to seize the day, grab life by the scruff of the neck and do/achieve whatever turns us on with unapologetic zeal. And yet, certain details are just out of our grasp: just elusive enough to frustrate the fuq out of us yet just close enough to seal the deal if we persevere just that little bit longer...

Ooh it's frustrating yet so much promise, and this Moon could so blow the lid off any volatile reactions we've been bottling up between the tensions of today's limitations and that which is still unfolding...

Yes we're a bit over it and tempted to explode at the slightest thing/sabotage some sweet scenario prematurely, but also the perfect time to harness our best Libran balance/savvy creative process/romantic diplomacy and keep an even keel!

I mean we have rebellious Jupiter, sparky Uranus and transformative Pluto on board so we're busting with visionary inspiration about how to hatch a more rewarding/liberating reality for ourselves -and it's true, we're ready to be free-spirited, libertarian manifesters of a better future for sure:

It's the season for rare opportunities, spectacular personal breakthroughs, profound insights and electrical, kinaesthetic instincts that are nothing short of genius.

But fluxy times call for adaptability, personal discipline, innovative thinking and taking responsibility for walking our talk come what may... Let's own this!

Yes and you are also the designer of your very own success story, and here are some inspiring memes to prove it:

Happy Full Moon, you've earned it baby x

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