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Venus is currently midway through an extensive tour of fiery Aries, and retrograde for the last month in such an impatient sign-where love/art/beauty/creative/biz projects have seemed interminably stalled- has frankly frazzled our nerves to peak irritable, yes?

So Venus popping into mystical, slippery Pisces from April 3rd has hopefully made the introspective, fluxy, transitional, un-pindownable, un-forceable, slippery energy of this retrograde that little bit easier to navigate with some zen flow?

For the next two weeks we have Venus retro in Pisces, where we get to drop the Aries bluster of wanting it all fuqing now in favour of gently, intuitively getting in touch with our actual feelings, even if they're a bit vulnerable and ragged; the better to process our authentic needs in love and higher creative inspiration in art/biz without the need to force any particular outcomes just yet...

Let's sit still for a moment and just feel at where we're at right now, without judgement or fear, for the peace of mind/emotional congruence that's in it?

Yes. because when Venus shimmies direct in Pisces from the 16th we enjoy a well deserved forward momentum for the rest of the month, with beautifully on-point emotional/creative/romantic instincts backing us up to get it right!

And then Venus charges back into Aries from April 28th, for a blazing good time in May, so yes there's that to look forward to.

But it also must be noted that Venus is also square Saturn all month. This is a kinda hard edge, disciplined, sober analysis of any love, art, biz and money policy in our lives and how this effects our genuine self worth. And if we find there's room for to clean up our act re any dodgy/delusional/habitual self sabotage tendencies of late (and with judgemental Saturn involved we will, trust me) -do we wig out in spasms of self-recrimination/fear of failure/glumly resigning ourself to our crappy fate? No no no, obviously.

It's time to calm down and pull ourselves together. We take a long, hard, honest look at our current relationships/romantic patterns/creative process/biz/earning paradigm and take the time to calculate a new, more pragmatic approach. It's part cold, practical efficiency and part deep, emotionally congruent, courageous gut instincts that allow us to move through this process.

So let's keep it real, whilst we enjoy the flow x

Image 1: banishedfromcamelot: Meghan Marie shot by William Hager

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