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So first of all bitch goddess Lilith is really getting her strut on in Sag right now; blasting any temptation to compromise/chicken out of life’s big challenges way out of the water!

Not that you’re one to do tepid self-doubt anyway; but after a few years of Saturn grinding away at your moxy with endless, disciplined personal-growth imperatives (coming to an end in December btw-nearly there!), you can be forgiven for a little energetic fatigue at this point? Yeah sure, but no.

Lilith is anchoring a fiercely challenging yet potentially lucrative tension between your lucky ruler, Jupiter and potent Pluto. Your no-nonsense approach to doing things on your own terms– the my way or the highway rebel attitude you love so much, is real & so on point right now. Especially around the Full Moon of the 11th.

But it’s gotta be backed by the courage of your convictions/strength of character/massive financial confidence to grab an empowering/autonomous income stream to live more freely (yes you can) and do the necessary grind to make it happen. And so you step up and flex your creative muscles in the world, like it or not because there’s no other choice! This is brilliant.

Because Venus is in the middle of 3 1/2 months inspiring your play sector; and you’re grabbing any confident creative, arty and romantic self expression that turns you on with full confidence -because you deserve it and why not live with joy? And this will continue even more beautifully after April 29th- certainly any love affairs unfolding in your life will find a fuller expression/good times throughout May.

Meanwhile, Venus in your domestic sector all of April is great for beautifying your home, harmonising any family/co-hab dynamics, and yes love! Could be time to stage any hot dates on home turf, loving up your live in partner even more delightfully -or even talk of shacking up with your lover if not already? After the 16th is most auspicious for moving on this….

Then the New Moon of the 26th is about finessing your day-job reality with some spectacular instincts re nailing your broader biz/career visions. Big ambition is go!

Image: Sergey Zaytsev

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