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So think about this for a good time, love goddess Venus pops back into Pisces on April 4th, and stays there for the whole month! So April is all about getting a grip on your thriving love/romance/art/beauty/money/personal charisma potential, for a good time.

Especially any progress you were making in these areas of life in January, that has somehow felt unresolved or unfinished since then? April picks it up for sure.

So the first half of the month is exploring possibilities/your best strategy around the finer, Venusian things in life. You re-evaluate your love-life, your creative process, your look, your preferred mode of self-expression; and see if there are any new insights about how to finesse all of this more effectively?

Then the 16th onwards is when you really embrace, and get a move on your genius new instincts re high Qi, creative living (yes there will be plenty). You’re really going to shine in the second half of April, so get ready to strut around in full, self-assured magnificence…

Because the Full Moon of the 11th is in your sex/intimacy/money sector. You are all about taking big, beautifully brazen risks on whatever healthy desires are driving you mid month (thank you lucky Jupiter); expecting only positive results and voila –a better than usual chance of scoring some excellent satisfaction! And Uranus provides a willingness to challenge your own assumptions about what you are bringing to any intimate encounters for a beautiful, open-minded flexibility about how love is gonna roll… nice.

Then the New Moon of the 26th is about fab communication –in sync with the magical Destiny Point in your partnership sector. A more simpatico connection with your lover –or of single a brilliant new flirty frisson on the dating scene? Yes, by late April it’s all happening!

Tim Walker for Vogue Italia

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