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You’ve been busy enjoying the dubious pleasure of head-fuqing yourself trying to untangle past love drama lately, with Venus retro in your partnership sector; a process which has every chance of productively resolving itself when Venus gets moving on your romance mojo during May. But for April, romantic patience please!

For now, Venus gets on with business and so do you. The first half of April is Venus retrograde in your work/lifestyle sector, where you keep an eye out for the following: brewing workplace rivalry/tensions, questioning your aptitude for your current gig with unnecessary self-doubt. Not to mention a tendency to hit the pleasures in life (hitting the couch with a box of chocolates/quaffing wine whilst sending cryptic txts to some unsuitable crush/blowing the budget on naff purchases etc) instead of, say, hitting the gym/ rustling up a clean food diet/playing with your creative process like you should be doing, lol.

Then the second half of April is brilliant for pulling all of this together. This is when you schmooze your way back into great professional negotiations with your customary devastating charm/own your unique, confident, innate talent like a boss/embrace creative expression/finesse the day job/shmick up your professional ‘look’/get your sparkly flirt on –yes you’re gonna strut around so sharp and onto it by the end of the month!

Meanwhile the Libra Full Moon of the 11th is gorgeous! You tune into your best, magnificent self-confidence/positive thinking and viola! You say a big YES to life and life says YES right back! Doors suddenly open and an abundant flow gets moving mid month, because you’re open, optimistic and ready to go… this is so good.

And also pretty darn liberating, with a fab new perspective on any fluxy love/partnership situation in your life. And you get to act on this, with a most promising New Moon in your intimacy sector on the 26th… bit of soul mating/spiritual communion energy could even be going on here?

Image; geiko, Miyagawachô, Toshimana

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