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Love goddess Venus spending the whole month in your sex sector has gotta be hot, right? Well yes –to the extent that you’re prepared to spend early April digging a little deeper into your capacity for genuine intimacy/vulnerability; and addressing (maybe even ditching) any unhelpful emo around this?

Yes this could be a little challenging, but I tell you what; when Venus gets moving from the 17th and romantic prospects become more clear –you’ll be so glad you’re ready to pounce with full self awareness about what/who you want and what you’re honestly ready to do about it… Get ready, the second half of April could be spectacular for the healthy Leo love life!

Same goes for any financial deals in your life. Early month is for finessing your strategy around shared resources, and then you get on with nailing the negotiations (including any necessary, savvy schmoozing, for best results) from mid-month. This could just score you the economic freedom you desire, the better to chase up your next adventure when Venus gets moving in your vision sector during May.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 11th helpfully inspires some visionary planning for the next chapter, with Pluto in your work sector saying yes you can transform your day-job/lifestyle scenario if needs be; the better to move forward with a leaner, meaner efficiency and free up your time and energy for the things that really matter…

And it keeps getting better, with the New Moon of the 26th in your biz sector optimising the Destiny Point in your cash sector. This is spectacular for getting your head around some fab new earning potential. Yes lucrative is important, but even more so the freedom to do whatever genuinely turns you on for a living, the better to love the life you live. Cliché but so true for you right now –and importantly so achievable in the next few months!

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