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Lucky Jupiter in your biz sector hassling Pluto in your sign is a fierce determination to realize your fullest potential right now, beyond even normal Capricorn expectations –and that’s saying something for a success monger like yourself!

Mainly you’re driven to challenge yourself for the satisfaction of digging deep and facing any obstacles with a clear internal locus of power – just for the personal growth, transformation and will-to-thrive that’s in it. The fact that Jupiter wants to translate any personal discipline on your part into fab, spectacularly promising career/life opportunities is almost like an added bonus…

The Full Moon of the 11th features some big-picture vocational vision rising up (thank you Jupiter), and you get that your most driving, insistent ambitions are too bang on to ignore –they could just work! Big, brazen thinking is an asset here; as is Uranus making you more prepared than ever to innovate your domestic/family/home vibe if necessary to score the lifestyle and work/life balance you seek.

I mean having your patron planet, Saturn, hiding out in your soul sector these last few years has been some cool new spiritual/shamanic clarity about what really matters to you. It’s a hard won wisdom perhaps, but so worth it because you’re ever closer to acting on this!

Saturn is en route to hitting your sign by December –so if you’re already feeling a kinaesthetic sense of coming into your own, walking your talk with magnificent integrity and living the life you love? Yep it’s real for sure.

As for love, Venus in your communication sector all month is about the right kind of romantic communication. If partnered you take the time to negotiate a closer, more authentic understanding of where you’re at with one another –your meeting of minds/intimate communication matters. And if on the prowl it’s time to get your sparkly flirt on for sure! Chatty intellectual compatibility could morph into delightful attraction frisson at warp speed, when least expected this month so look out –and after the 16th is when you act on this, preferably.

And the New Moon of the 26th is taking a risk on whatever feels right, just for fun!

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