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The background of this Aries New Moon is power-trippy Pluto squaring off rebellious Jupiter AND both of them aggravating bitch goddess Lilith!

Pluto is digging up some appetites & we want what we want bad: but Venus retro till mid-April maybe means we just can't get no satisfaction, quite yet. Annoying, but the point is that we are cultivating some character building self discipline yes? Yes??

We're probably kicking against the lessons (& whoever is annoying the hell out of us) and chafing at the bit a little here -I mean the whole thing is fuqing frustrating tbh...

Aries doesn't like being told what to do one little bit, neither does Jupiter and Lilith certainly won't have it.

Feeling a tad snarly, are we?

As I said in my New Moon & Venus retro posts, now is the season for keeping the tension between healthy desire & delayed gratification POSITIVE... the better to enjoy the progress/good times when Venus gets moving from mid April x

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